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FREE INSTALLATION. Just ask, we'll install Webdata onto your server or walk you through it over the phone.

How to buy

Web Database Design made easy.

Simply download Webdata Pro using the "Download" link above, and then install it according to the instructions in the "readme.html" file, or contact Webteacher Software and we'll install it for you.

When you successfully install Webdata Pro, there will be a link at the top of the main administration page titled "click here to register." That link will take you to a payment page from which you may register via web, phone, or fax.

Price: $599.00

Upgrades: Licensed owners of Webdata 2.x may deduct their entire purchase price from registration of the new product. There are instruction on the payment page for upgrading.

Notes: Webteacher Sales Support will require the following 3 items to create a registration code.

These values are sent automatically when you click the "Click here to register" button.

  1. The 4 digit ID code from the administration page.

  2. The MySQL database name.

  3. The Full URL to the .pl script

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