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Becoming an Affiliate

Why is Webdata a good product for an affiliate program?
Webdata fills a wide market niche by offering non-programmers the ability to create dynamic, interactive, database-driven web sites without a steep learning curve. It installs into the cgi-bin of any shared hosting account without assistance from the System Administrator. The feature list has been customer driven over the past 5 years, resulting in two stable database products with very flexible capabilities for customization and security.

Webdata is already being used on thousands of servers around the world, including AT&T, IBM, Honeywell, Lucent Technology, Fujitsu, GM, The Gap, MIT, Harvard, Yale, and many more.

We have made both versions of Webdata easy to evaluate before purchasing. We provide live demo databases on our server and the user may download a free trial copy to use for 30 days before buying.

How does the affiliate program work?
Webteacher Software has built a robust tracking system which captures all referring URLs and embeds a corresponding "Vendor Code" into the software as it downloads from our site. When a customer registers the software, the Vendor Code can link the purchase to the customer's original referring URL in our traffic logs.

How much are we talking about?
The basic commission is 10% of the gross sales which can be traced back to links from your site. That means every time your site refers a customer to Webdata Classic or Pro, you will receive either $20 or $60. This is far more than the industry standard for links, ads, or referrals.

The is especially lucrative for users of Webdata.
There are 3 main reasons why Webmasters that use Webdata on their own site have an opportunity that should not be passed up: demonstration, relevance, and revenue. First, by demonstrating the program on your site, the user will be able to see first hand that the program works, is fast and stable, and can be configured to match your site. Some customers may already be wondering "how did they do that?" and are a perfect candidate to click an affiliate link.

Second, although people rarely click on banners anymore, you have an opportunity to post a genuine testimonial which will not look like just another ad because it is relevant to your site. Any time a webmaster considers adding a link or banner to their website they have to weigh the revenue benefits against the detrimental impact that it will have on their site.

By presenting the link as a "Software Credit" rather than a banner ad, you can fit it nicely into your page without reducing the professionalism of your site. For example:
Powered by Webteacher's Webdata
or a more descriptive
Search pages powered by Webdata Classic.
We highly recommend this powerful web database
script. We found it to be affordable, customizable,
and well thought out.
Obviously we would want you to write a testimonial that you are comfortable with and willing to stand behind. A blurb will fit into your site better than an annoying banner ad, and it will deliver a better Return On Investment because of your testimonial.

Finally, there is the revenue potential. Affiliations with Amazon start at about 4%. On a $40 book, you'd make $1.60 before taxes - hardly worth the time it takes to join up. If you sell one each day you'd make about $48.00 at the end of the Month. With a Webdata affiliation, the least you will make on every sale is $20. We sell close to an equal amount of Webdata Classic and Webdata Pro applications, which means the average commission starts at $40. If you sell one per day, the commission rate doubles, resulting in an average Monthly commission of $2,400.00. Surely this is a better use of your web space and time.

How can I be sure the commissions are accurate?
As an affiliate you will be able to check your account any time to see the number of click-through hits, the number of downloads, the number of purchases, and the amount you can expect to receive for that Month. You can test the system any time by clicking on your link, downloading the software, and watching the numbers change accordingly on your account page. We will provide you with instructions for validating that the "Vendor Code" embedded in your download is linked to your account.

Just one per day and you're GOLDEN
The Gold Membership rewards successful affiliate sites with an increased commission schedule. If you can drive traffic resulting in 30 sales of either product in one Month the commission rate is doubled, guaranteeing you a commission of NO LESS THAN $1200 - $3600 Depending on how many of the sales are for Webdata Pro.

How do I get started?
Use the link below to sign up as an affiliate. We will forward you more information once the application is complete.

Click here to sign up

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