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I have been a long time user of the original webdata. However, when I aquired a client in need of a relational database, I installed mysql and php on my server. Then, I spent the next 2 months looking for a php/mysql data solution. After no avail, I bought a php programming book and tried to write one myself. Well I can tell you, when I heard that a MySQL version of WebData was coming out, I dropped everything and patiently waited for 9 months. Thank goodness my client was as patient as I was. Now, I have had the pleasure of working with the WebData MySQL beta and can tell you that nothing on the market including opensource php and perl can touch it. The following are the reasons I chose it over other solutions I have researched:

It has simple installation. Rob Young has made installation painless, quick and easy even for non-programmers. The administration features are easy to use. Once it is installed, getting a database setup is a snap. There are no complicated includes or user variables to set. He has it laid out in a browser interface with plain instructions. I had my first database built without ever looking at a help file in less than 30 minutes! The more I work with the program, the more I find it can do, and it amazes me with possibilities! Don't get me wrong, I love working with Php, but for a powerhorse database application such as the ones I'm working with there is no comparison. With Php there are no out-of-the-box database programs that are easy to setup, easy to administer and easy for the client. Most all php data application are for specific-type databases, such as address books or member directories. If you want to use one, you have to modify it by hand which is complicated. With WebData Pro, it is generic, you can setup any type of database, relational or otherwise. When I thought of perl with mysql, I thought it would be slow or use a lot of server resouces. I was wrong. Processing speed is blazing fast, and very little server resources are used, even with heavy traffic! Last but not least is the price! I've looked at data programs that cost thousands of dollars, and I can't begin to tell you how complicated they are to setup. For the price of WebData Pro, I would have expected little or no options, but what I've found is that this program is well thought out and very functional. I'm keeping php, but only for the small applications. My database applications will all be run with WebData Pro.

Robyn LeGris
First Choice Publishing
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